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I have about a quarter million bottles to list still, but here’s four sweet and simple ones to start with.


Post office man at the counter knows me by name...



Post office clerk: This ain’t 8 oz, you’re fired.

*ships item anyway without charging me additional*

I love the people at my post office, always putting a smile on my face when delivering packages.

The best part about Etsy is that it is teaching me to be a better part of…

I mostly print my shipping labels and just drop them through the mail chute in the lobby but when I do need to get in line, the mail ladies know me and always have a smile for me. And most people in line are, for unknown reasons but fairly consistently, kinda shitty? So I’m happy to share a smile with them too and ask how things are going, because I spent too many years in customer service and I know how much I valued interacting with my Pleasant Regulars.

Gnaw marks and suture lines on this doe skull.



tiny vial of woodland magic 

Pink Papershell

Potamilus ohiensis, Unionidae (freshwater mussels)

Widespread and common in large rivers and streams with swift currents along Mississippi River watershed. Oblong/ovate, with thin, fragile shell. Large wing on posterior side behind umbo (these were mostly broken off by the time shells were collected). Nacre is pink to purple with pronounced iridescence.







*•.¸~follow the moon~¸.•*´

ॐ stay vibin’ ॐ

if i see one more self promo on one of my own photos, i might spontaneously combust into one of these hippie cosmos photos all these 19 year olds seem to think means you’re spiritual



if he doesn’t look at you like this, he’s not the one.

Dang, we were never presented with this backdrop option when we went to Color Classics…

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Dioptase - Tsumeb Mine, Namibia

Dioptase is my spirit mineral.

Well… It’s one of my top 257 spirit minerals, anyway.


Sea shells. Can’t go wrong.



These were the rainbowiest chert nodules I had sorted out into the “Pretty Chert Nodule” box so I made them into fridge magnets.

cmnick said: Do you ever find any larger pieces for like knapping?

Hmmm, yes, probably? There’s plenty of larger sized chert pieces in the creek beds around here, although to be honest as a non-knapper, I am basically unable to differentiate between what would be considered good quality from bad quality material. I mostly just pick up the ones with pretty colors :)

These were the rainbowiest chert nodules I had sorted out into the “Pretty Chert Nodule” box so I made them into fridge magnets.


Natural history display, available at Lark About.